our Team

Our team are all experienced and knowledgeable matchmakers who are skilled at making lasting connections. They come from professional backgrounds but have the unique advantage of extensive and unrivalled networks.


Our service is world-class and focused on each individual member's requirements. We provide a professional and diligent approach to your search requirements. 


We get to know our members on a personal level and truly believe in providing them a personal service. We only take on a small number of members we truly feel we can help. 


Our matchmakers have an extensive network of the most eligible singles the world has to offer. Our network is truly unrivalled as we have unique access to exceptional singles.  

Who are we


Lara Asprey - CEO and Founder

Having introduced hundreds of couples over the past ten years (and having been responsible for a few marriages along the way) Lara Asprey has built up an enviable 'Little Black Book' full of the most eligible singles in the UK and internationally and has become the 'go-to' girl for those looking for someone special.  She is the founder and CEO of Asprey Introductions as well as author of 'The Very British Rules of Dating' and is a prominent columnist and dating coach.



Lisa Daubeny De Moleyns - Head of Matchmaking 

Lisa, who is originally Scottish enjoyed an international upbringing and started her career in recruitment and venture capital, so making successful introductions are second nature to her. Prior to joining Asprey Introductions Lisa also worked in the world of dating as a matchmaker for another agency, so has been successfully making introductions for numerous couples for a number of years now and has a few engagements and marriages under her belt. She has the knowledge to understand what makes two people compatible and the intuition to see which common values are going to be key to form long-term and lasting relationships. 


Dalya Islam - Director of Matchmaking

Dalya manages the journey our clients take when they come to us, whether that be for matchmaking or coaching. As a keen student of human behaviour Dalya is qualifying as a life coach so engages her understanding of human nature and behaviour in the selection of a partner for you. She is able to help you work on specific blockages to set you up for maximum success in your future relationships. Dalya grew up between different cultures and has an innate grasp of what Asprey Introductions' international clients are looking for. 


Nick Ede - Matchmaker

Nick Ede is a successful PR expert who has made a name for himself for his philanthropic and charitable work. He cares deeply about people and this empathy has set him up for huge success as a matchmaker for Asprey Introductions. An incredible judge of character Nick quickly reads people and can determine what they are really looking for over what they say they want. He also has his own network and Little Black Book full to the brim of Hollywood stars and anyone who's anyone.

Coralie 2.jpg

Coralie Jo - Matchmaker

Coralie is the newest recruit to the Asprey Introductions teams but by no means the quietest! She comes armed with an invaluable network from all her years in finance where she got to know a whole host of interesting people from all over the world. Fully equipped with an international network she's smart, she's sassy and she is an expert at breaking the ice with people making them open up to her without even realising they are doing it. 


Danio Domingues - Matchmaker

Danio is one of the most connected men in London and he has been a regular fixture on the events scene in town for years now. An expert networker he literally knows thousands of interesting and eligible singles and incredibly, he's in regular contact with a huge number of them. Danio is also heavily involved with organising the Asprey Introductions events and is quite a romantic at heart because he takes date planning very seriously.


B McCormick Andrews

The charming 'B' has confessed to always wanting to be a matchmaker, which is very lucky for Asprey Introductions as she's genuinely incredibly good at it. Not only does she have a powerful personal network from all her years in recruitment but she loves to help people and wants them to find happiness. Quietly competitive and incredibly high personal standards nothing but the best will do when it comes to B helping our clients find love. 


Todd Russell-Welply

Todd is 'people-person'. He's terribly unassuming and therefore clients find it very easy to talk to him and open up to him about their search for love. He comes from a marketing background where he been responsible for launching and promoting some of London's most successful restaurants and bars, which means he's been incredibly well-placed to meet a whole host of interesting single characters along the way. He too, comes armed with a personal network bursting full of glamorous and attractive singles.


Andrew Farrar - photographer

Andrew Farrar is a London based photographer and director, specialising in filmmaking, editorial, portraiture and advertising photography.

His portraiture work includes images of Goldie, Carmen Dell'Orefice, Idris Elba, Robert Pattinson, Dynamo, Bryan Ferry, Tamara Beckwith, Derek Jacobi and Camilla Rutherford. His work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Nylon, Tatler, The Sunday Times Style, and Marie Claire.


Martha Sitwell - Makeup artist

Martha is our in-house makeup artist who does a wonderful job of getting our clients looking and feeling their best before their dates. Martha has a wealth of experience, having worked with several celebrities regularly both for photo shoots, television appearances and red carpet events and also works with fashion and beauty editorials, publications including vogue, Italian vogue, Tatler, Quintessentially and the FT's how to spend it magazine.  She also enjoys doing bridal makeup and has a large amount of private clients who all value her exceptional skills and expertise.