Very often in life we hit roadblocks that, try as we might, we can't seem to find the mental or physical strength to overcome. This is especially true after the end of relationships when confidence can be knocked and we just don't know how to rebuild our lives from the beginning. We're here to help, offering flexible and bespoke coaching programmes to suit you.

Relationships can really take a lot out of us when they end and this stress and lifestyle change can cause havoc on our internal belief systems.

Resetting your mindset is key before you move forward in order to ensure you give yourself the best chance of success with future partners. We give you the tools to be able to do that and the confidence to feel comfortable in your own skin and at your new life phase. 

We address what the issues were in your past relationship and ensure these don't come forward with you, so you can move on and be the best you.

Whether you want to re-evaluate your life, need some direction, want to lose weight and make lifestyle changes, or if you need some external motivation, then you may get all the help you need from a series of sessions. Most successful people have some kind of professional coaching to get them on the right track, and keep them there long after they have achieved their original goals.

The philosophy of life coaching is “YOU already have all the answers – you just don’t know how to access them yet”. Which put simply means as a life coach we won’t tell you what to do or how to do it; but we will enable and empower you to create your own thought process in order to find the right answers.

I can’t thank you enough, these sessions have really opened my eyes. I feel so much more confident about the future now.
— HL


Individual Coaching Sessions

  • via Skype - £150 per 75 minutes
  • in person - £185 per 75 minutes

Package Prices

  • 3 sessions via Skype - £415
  • 3 sessions in person - £525
  • 6 sessions via Skype - £840
  • 6 sessions in person - £1,085