Excited to Announce Two new Team members

Things have been so busy here at The Sloane Arranger and as a result, we are delighted to announce we now have two new fabulous additions to our team.

Both Lisa and Dalya will be working predominantly on the matchmaking arm of the business under 'Asprey Introductions' but you'll no doubt meet them both at our next events!



Lisa, who is originally Scottish enjoyed an international upbringing and started her professional background in recruitment and VC, so successful introductions are second nature to her. Prior to joining Asprey Introductions Lisa also worked in the world of dating as a matchmaker for another agency, and so has been successfully introducing numerous couples for a number of years now, and has a few engagements and marriages under her belt!

She has the knowledge to understand what makes two people compatible and the intuition to see which common values are going to be key for couples to form long-term and lasting relationships.  It is also aided by her close relationship with an elite network of exceptional single men and women.



DALYA ISLAM  - Director of Matchmaking

Dalya is a keen student of human behaviour and is qualifying as a life coach which makes her somewhat of a natural when it comes to matchmaking.  She engages her understanding of human nature and behaviour in the selection of a partner for you. Dalya grew up between different cultures and has an innate grasp of what Asprey Introduction’s London based global clients are looking for.


Asprey Introductions