Date Spots to Visit this Winter

Guiding you through your dating dilemmas

It can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the right place to go on a date especially when you are trying to impress someone and want the evening to be a success.

We are lucky to live in a city like London where there is an abundance of great restaurants on our doorstep, but there can be such a huge choice that it can be easy to play it safe or even to get it wrong.

We have created a tailored guide to a few fail-safe places that ensure you have a great evening. I have not chosen your date so I can’t promise that that side of things will go well. However, I can definitely help with the restaurant, whether you're after a low-key evening, a night of pulling out all the stops or just a fun evening where the pressure is taken off as there is entertainment to break the ice.


Nearest tube: High Street Kensington

Yashin sushi is a great venue for a romantic dinner in relaxed and cosy surroundings. I personally like to book seats at the bar so you are sitting next to your date and have the view of the talented chefs at work. This makes for a great talking point and optical feasting.

The shared dishes break the ice as you choose together what you would like to eat. The cocktails and wine list are also a winner.

From start to finish this place will not disappoint. 

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Nearest Tube- Tottenham Court Rd

This is a great option if you want dinner followed by entertainment. You can’t book Barrafina which you may think is a negative but it really adds to the date experience. Arrange to meet your date at the venue and whilst waiting for your seat, order a glass of champagne. You can then queue around the bar drinking wine, people watching and sampling a few light dishes.

Again you can sit next to your date at the bar and share dishes which adds to the whole experience as you get to choose the food together and find out more about the others person’s likes and dislikes.

Once you've had your fill of tapas, leave the restaurant, turn right and walk the 50 metres down the road to Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. What could be better ?

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Belgravia - Nearest tube- Victoria

Such a charming restaurant! A perfect little intimate French restaurant with candlelit antique tables with crisp white table clothes. A little on the cosy side when the weather is so beautiful but in the summer they have a charming outdoor seating area, which has a buzzing atmosphere creating the feeling you have been whisked away on holiday without having to leave the city. 

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