Biggest dating turn-offs?

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I must admit, I, like many of you reading this love nothing more than hearing all the details of how dates have gone. I revel in hearing the step by step details and although I try not to encourage women to over-analyse there is something terribly cathartic about hearing and sharing what went well on a date and what.. well, didn't.

So I thought what better blog post than sharing all of the biggest dating turnoffs I have had other people share with me. What qualities or actions almost instantly repel other people and what can go down as an instant deal-breaker perhaps without intending to be. Here are my personal favourite biggest dating turnoffs for both men and women.

1. Bad Breath - this is most certainly top of the list and I can't tell you how many times women complain about it. Chaps if you've had a coffee or a heavy night before your date, if you can't get to a toothbrush, please pop into Boots and buy some mouthwash or at the very least get some chewing gum. It really is distractedly unattractive.

2. Involuntary bodily actions - One of my friends recently told that she went on a date with a chap who continuously kept breaking wind during their date. It wasn't audible but she could certainly tell. She was sure it was him as there was nobody else in the vicinity at the time. Not worth it guys. We will notice.

3. Accepting to split the bill - If you're on an early date (so dates 1-3) even if a woman offers to pay it's generally not considered courteous to accept her offer. Many women will feel a bit embarrassed so you're better off just not accepting her kind offer until date number 4.

4.  Eating with a mouth open - Nobody needs to see what is inside your mouth thank you.

5.  Being rude to staff - There is never an excuse to be rude to anyone serving you. It really can be the biggest turn-off for both men and women

6. Arrogance - If you make the person you're with think that you love yourself so much how on earth are they ever going to think you have room for them? Arrogance is a very unattractive quality.

7.  Being self-involved - me me me... is boring for the other person. Enough said.

8.  Pretentiousness - Nobody likes a show-off unless it's supported with copious amounts of wit and charm. If you're lacking in the latter you're best off not mentioning your yachts in the south of France or your front row tickets to the Wimbledon Final until you're more familiar.

9. Being uncomfortably insecure - saying things like what are you doing interested in me?

10. Asking "So why are you single then"  - literally just don't do it. It's so awkward.

11. Tattoos - They are so marmite that it's a risk having them on show, especially if they are large and really visible. You're better off covering them up until you've officially clicked otherwise it may make the other person feel slightly awkward.

12.  Neediness - Men this isn't fanciable so ensure you're not seeking her approval or acceptance for anything. Women love a man who can be in control.

13. Spelling - Whether it be email or text there is nothing worse than someone who appears to not know the difference between your and you're or there and they're. Please don't just guess and hope for the best!

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