New Love Resolution

Who doesn't love the bleak mornings in January when we're all forcing ourselves out of the bed to face dark mornings and short days, when we're on a slight anti-climax after the Christmas celebrations, and when we all decide it's time to start making changes.

Finding love is often one of these changes so here are my top tips for making 2015 work for you


It's often easy to carry around baggage from previous relationships due to hurt or disappointments. January is often a great month to clear out the mental clutter and be really good to yourself. Treat yourself by eating properly and exercising, get your nails done, get a new hair style, and work out if you're still holding on to any past relationships. 

Don't look at any social media profiles of ex boyfriends, or indeed holiday photos of your friends and their partners if that makes you feel sad in any way. Just focus on yourself for a while!


Rather than just jumping in with both feet first it’s really important to work out what you’re fundamentally looking for and what you’re not. I don’t mean you should dust off that list you wrote when you were 18 about all the things your ideal man would be or look like (in fact you should burn that list if it still exists), I mean you should have a sense of what matters to you moral, emotional, intellectual and financial basis.

So Instead of saying 'I really like blonde guys who look a bit like Ryan Reynolds, who are funny are live near me' write down the top five most important qualities that are important to you from your next partner. For example if having a loyal partner is more important than someone financially sound, or someone intellectual is more important than funny, then put things in a list. The clearer your idea of what's important to you, the more likely you are to focus in on it this year.


I often swear by this as it's a great way to kick start your mind into being open. We as humans have a tendency to stick to what we know, to follow our own defined routines and often we don't like to put ourselves in situations that take us out of our comfort zone. 

Therefore if we say 'yes' to every single social occasion that comes up; whether it be a birthday, drinks after work or a visit to your best friend's house for dinner I challenge you to  just say YES. Try this for a month and see how you go. In fact, send me an email and let me know how it goes. I'd be intrigued to hear from you all.


Unfortunately us Brits can be a pretty reserved bunch and often when we go out guys rarely come over to say hello, but more often than not this is because we simply do not encourage them enough to. If you're a lovely lady, be confident and SMILE when you see a nice guy. Use your eyebrows to show expression and remember your body language when you're out. Don't cling to your handbag (or drink) for support. 

Remember guys need encouragement, and often they are much more attracted to a confident woman who has enough guts to look him in the eye and smile than someone who ignores him.

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