How to enjoy the holiday season when you're single

Christmas is a lovely time of year - but it does have a nasty habit of bringing out the worst in our insecurities, especially if you're single. All those happy families and happy couples cosying up around log fires drinking mulled wine... makes you want that warm fuzzy feeling inside - and all of a sudden you start to feel a little.. well lonely.

Well there's no disputing that it's a tough time of year, and inevitably brings about a certain amount of introspection however, there are ways to look at the bright side.


Book up that Christmas diary and I mean NOW. Don't leave it until mid-December as everyone will already have made their plans. Contact a couple of close friends and organise a boozy lunch in the run up to Christmas Day. Also have conversations around New Years Eve so you don't find yourself wishing you had. Don't allow yourself to wallow around, in fact challenge yourself to say a big YES to every social occasion your invited to this month.


If you always go home for Christmas and spend days eating endless amounts of chocolates while watching Downton Abbey - plan to do something different this year. Why not book a trip away on Boxing Day? You might not realise it now, but as soon as you get yourself a partner you'll have two choices only for Christmas going forward - his family or yours. This is your chance to do whatever you like so why not make the most of it!


Why not organise a cocktail and canape party with a friend and invite all your close friends and family? You never know, they may invite an eligible singleton along and it will boost your confidence to know you have all your friends and family around you.  


If the thought of turning up to certain parties without the expected plus one fills you with dread - it really shouldn't. In fact, very rarely does anyone care but you and if they do judge you then they're probably not the type of person you really want in your life anyway. Remember you look at yourself very differently to how other people perceive you so embrace Christmas with both hands holding the mulled wine glass and enjoy!


So you really do have to remember there are considerable perks to being single. You have to spend no time trawling the shops for gifts for a partner or the family of a partner, you can make as many plans as you want without having to answer to anyone, you don't have to cook a huge and exhaustive meal for everyone. Also, worth remembering Christmas puts huge pressure on couples too with a whopping 1.8 million considering divorce over the festive period.


Try to never be the only single person at a party if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Always try to find yourself an ally to invite so you can bear it together. At least you'll have someone to gossip to if you feel you're overly exposed.


Well yes it's sad but true but according to a recent article in the Daily Mail Christmas is the number one time of year to get.. well dumped. It's all due to the pressure to meet families when you're not quite ready to, to buy a gift, to survive the Christmas party without cheating - so you may well have saved yourself some heartache too.

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