How technology can hinder not help your dating efforts

Now I know that in this digitally savvy, technologically forward and fast-paced world we interact within today - it can be confusing. I mean there are multiple ways of contacting a person - it's no longer just a phone.

So what do you do when you go out with a guy and he's got your mobile number, you're Facebook friends, he might be whatsapping you and failing that - he sends you an email?

It reminds me of that scene in 'He's Just Not that Into You' when a confused and befuddled Drew Barrymore is waiting to hear from her new flame... remember this?


So how can you make sure technology helps and doesn't hinder your dating efforts?

Stick To One Channel

If you've started with a phone, stick to a phone. Don't go on a first date and exchange email addresses or ask whether the person is on wassap or Facebook. Let things develop naturally and over time.

Ladies, you also don't want to give too much away as it's better to remain elusive so if the guy asks you for any other details other than your mobile number - just smile and say that you can't remember your username or screen name right now and leave it at that.

If He Friend Requests You

So if the guy your dating does happen to send you a friend request on Facebook, you don't want to appear rude but nor do you want to appear like you have nothing better to do than accept his request straight away. 

If he does send you a friend request, wait at least 24 hours before clicking accept. Keep him wondering why you're so incredibly busy not to be able to get around to it sooner.

What Are The Rules With Texting?

Ok so this can be one of the most confusing for both women and men and often bad texting can be disastrous! Here are some top tips... 


Guys - please try to avoid doing this as proper dating etiquette really does dictate that you should call the girl. It really is a nice touch if you are polite enough to give the girl a call and tell her about the date you have arranged. You can text thereafter to firm up the plans but the initial conversation around the date should be done via a phone call.


Ok so firstly one for ladies. Please never ever text the guy first. He will lose his mojo so to speak as men really do need to be the hunters in order to keep them interested. They love a challenge so don't make it too easy for them.


So if a guy you like does text you after your date you might want to scream with excitement - but please try to contain yourself. Remember you want to be a bit of a challenge.  I would personally recommend waiting several hours before responding to his first text and at least 30 minutes for every text after that.  You have to challenge him and make him think you have an awful lot going on with your life.


Please don't give away too much information. If he asks about your day just keep your responses short and sweet. Don't go on about how you have been so busy at work and are worried you won't have time to get your nails done. Always try to respond to his text in fewer words than he used.

Using Your Phone On Dates

So if you're following all the rules above you can't exactly go to a date and have your phone on the table. He'll realise you're playing games and choosing not to respond to him intentionally. Make sure you put your phone in your bag or out of sight!

Also it's not particularly polite to have your phone out so it's always good etiquette to be gracious and be interested in your date other than your phone

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