How long should you wait between dates?


So you've met a wonderful, elegant lady and you've taken her out on an unforgettable evening. She's beautiful and funny and the whole evening flew by without you running out of things to say. You say goodbye, and you intend to call - but how long do you wait between dates before getting back in touch to ask her out again?

Too soon and you seem too keen right? Too long and she may not be overly impressed and think you're a bit unambitious and flakey. So what' the right balance?

So here's the deal guys, I am going to lay it out so it's very clear. Women love to feel desired and cherished. If you like a girl, not getting in touch with her readily will only put her off you and she'll find someone who does cherish her and thinks she's amazing. So if you think you should leave it a week between dates and not message her so as to build up the suspense - think again.

Within that week if she's a nice girl, she may well be snapped up, have gone on four dates, exchanged numerous numbers and totally forgotten all about you. Do you really want to take that chance?

Girls think that if a guy is keen they will get in touch - whereas guys think that showing they like a girl makes girls more keen. Where is the logic here?

If you like a girl - show her. If you want to call a girl - call her. The best approach is to be honest and enthusiastic because the girl may well take the lead from you and if you're not showing these qualities, she's not likely to either.

The same goes for texting or wassapping or whatever form of communication you like. Just message her back (same goes to the girls). 


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