Ever been on a date with someone addicted to their phone?

We've all been there. Whether it's a been date, a dinner or a simple coffee - there  is nothing more annoying (and a tad rude) than someone continuously using their phone!

Well this is a simply ingenious invention...

Introducing the 'Offline Glass'. It's a glass that only stays upright when placed on top of a phone. So you simply have to keep your phone on the table in order to balance your drink. 

What a brilliant idea..

Oh wait hang on.. what about when the drink drips all over your phone and it ceases to work.

“We do not intend to [actually] solve the problem,” said Art Director Mauricio Perussi. “The Offline Glass is just a funny way to annoy friends who only have eyes for their cellphones.”

Watch this video it's brilliant!

Asprey Introductions